Principal's Message

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”- George Washington Carver

Amarvani/God’s Eternal Word has pitched his tent among the peoples when the time was ripe. God has spoken through His beloved Son Jesus. We, the Holy Spirit Sisters named this school of learning as Amarvani School way back in 1993 to impart value based knowledge to pupils.

Education is gaining momentum even in the villages rapidly as never before.

In the modern day world, without education either formal or informal, no one practically succeeds. The foundation of the society is education since it brings economic and social prosperity. The aim of the education is the all-round development of the child. It is a process that involves the transfer of knowledge, habits and skills from one generation to another through teaching, learning and training.

Education also has a global application. The education is the medium through which change is due in the society. There are numerous methods practices that have evolved over the years to make education accessible and pertinent to pupils who are going global.In this digital age, we cater to the needs of young generation who are capable to comprehend things with technology and make great strides in every field of activity.Inculcating in them the right values, we prepare the Generation Next leaders with God-consciousness, love for the Nation and inter-personal relationships.

Amarvani School, since its inception has played a pivotal role in imparting quality education for the past 24 years in this region. It is apparent that education alone brings the needed change in the society to live harmoniously in the multi-pluralistic country like India. Education is not preparation for life but education is life itself.

As the School heads for its Silver Jubilee, it is our aim to constantly work and make progress in every sphere of our pupils’ lives. May all who go through this school of learning be temples and beacons of light in the society!