The course of studies is based on the requirements of the Indian Certificate of Examination. Special attention will be paid to the fundamental virtues of the intellect and will, as concentration, reverence for God, an alert sense of responsibility, cooperation, generosity, compassion and tolerance for fellow human beings.

The medium of instruction is the English language, the international language of Today.However,hindi the national language and Oriya the stage language have a vital role in the curriculum. The intellectual education of Amarvani School will be liberal and universal but at the same time it will be Indian and firmly rooted in the Indian History and culture.Therefore,we lay more emphasize on classes for imparting fluency on Odia and Hindi. Hindi or Odia is offered as the second language as one Indian language is compulsory to be studied till the end of class VII.

Hindi, Odia, History / Civics, Geography, Science, Mathematics and later in higher classes, physics, chemistry, Biology and a subject from computer, and other physical education. An additional subject of prime 6 importance is moral science or character formation.

To develop a sound physique great emphasis is put on physical education and sports. To have the full development of the mind with a wide prospective in this competitive world great stress is made on the reading of library books and general knowledge.